Where football unites passion and potential

footbao will revolutionise the way fans engage with football and become an indispensable part of the football landscape.

Connecting football talent, experts, and fans worldwide

Our vision is to connect football talent, football experts and football fans from around the world, bringing them closer to clubs, players, coaches and each other. Through our technology and mission we want to inspire the next generation of talent and players, giving them hope that their dreams can come true and they can accomplish their goals. This is how we support the global expansion of the game.

Play, record & shine!

Elevate your game by sharing your best moments on our platform. Capture the essence of your skills and passion by uploading videos directly from the field. It’s your time to shine – showcase your unique style, impress fans, and make your mark in the world of football.

Follow your icons

Get closer to the action like never before. Follow your favourite players, stay updated on their latest moves, and experience the thrill of every match. Our app brings you exclusive access to the lives of football stars. Engage with the community, share your excitement, and be a part of the journey with players you admire.

Scout Rising Stars

Be at the forefront of football discovery. Our app is a playground for scouts seeking the next big talent. Explore a pool of raw skill and undiscovered potential. As a scout, dive into a world of talent waiting to be unearthed. Be part of the journey as new stars rise to prominence. Your discovery could be the next football sensation!
Our role in global sports

Empowering football players at every level

Professional and amateur players are the essence of football. By focussing on diversity and the joy of the game in all its forms, footbao helps to break down the barriers between professional and amateur players, players and fans, and players and clubs. footbao aims to empower football players at all levels.

Breaking down barriers for football coaches

Football coaches at all levels have a very important task in the development, promotion and support of talents and players. Here too, footbao is helping to break down barriers and enable football coaches to fulfil their tasks even better.

Uniting people of the world through football

The next generation of footballers will see the game of football move from a game with different geographic centres of gravity to a truly global game that brings the people of the world together. footbao wants to reach this next phase of the game of football.